By Donna Skender | | May 20, 2016


Why Stories Work

Your video will work much harder for your business or product if you take the time in pre-production to develop a story. It’s harder to do, but if you make the shift from ‘selling’ to ‘storytelling’ your video will more likely be shared, commented on or liked.

So why do stories work?

Firstly, people connect with stories on an emotional level making them engage more deeply with the content. It helps them remember the content and pass it on to others.

Humans are more attuned to remembering narrative structures rather than loads of data or god forbid, bullet points.  I have never heard the phrase, “I heard an interesting series of bullet points yesterday” and I never expect to.

You could say humankind was built on its ability to tell stories. Information has been passed on from generation to generation through stories since, well, a very long time. A number of human species lived on Earth for quite a while without the use of language, but once discovered it gave them a very strong advantage.

In his book ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ by Yuval Noah Harari he talks about humankind’s ‘cognitive revolution’ that took place about 70,000 years ago. He writes that it was likely that homosapiens’ ability to communicate and tell stories led to their domination over other human species.

Today stories are all around us, from our televisions, our interactions with friends, media and in business. Many of our purchasing decisions are based on the positive or negative stories you associate with a product or its company.

As video producers our aim is to tell your story well. But first we have to find it. This quite often takes an outsider’s help, discerning the unique in what has become a client’s normal.

Here are some ways we can translate your story to video. Choosing the best way quite often comes down to the visuals we know we can capture to bring your story to the screen.

  • A video interview where the subject tells the story, much like the ABC’s ‘Australian Story’ is a great way to tell a protagonist’s story and build a story arc.
  • A fictional series that integrates your brand with a story, engaging and entertaining your customers.
  • Tell a customer’s story through interview or a series of interviews about how your product or service impacts their lives.
  • Personal staff stories work because people want to buy from a company that has a great culture and looks after their employees.
  • Use a documentary style to take people behind the front counter of your business, show them where you make the food, design the clothes or build the bridges. Go into the process in a way that will interest your audience.
  • Animated stories are a great way to create a fictional piece or tell a story that is a little abstract.

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