By Donna Skender | | Jun 11, 2018


Video Packages for Social Media

Lasso has been producing high-end videos for many years now, but recently we put on our thinking caps to work out the best way to deliver our clients quality social media videos at a reasonable price. Social media videos need to be produced quickly, enabling you to communicate with a wide audience straight after an event or occurrence (usually within 24-48 hours). So we’ve come up with a number of video packages that help you to keep it simple, meaning you’ll get a fast-turnaround at a very reasonable price point.

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Having said that, producing a low budget social media video may not be right for your project, particularly if it’s complicated or needs pre-production planning. To make it easier for you to work out whether one of our social media video packages will suit you, ask yourself if you agree with the following statements. If you do, then our packages are most likely the right way forward for your social media video post:

    • One edit review
    • Pre-production is not required because there’s no scripting or creative concept that Lasso need to develop
    • Lasso are filming within 20kms of the Perth CBD
    • The shoot can be handled by a camera operator working solo

So when you need to communicate to a wide audience quickly and control the output, our team here at Lasso Productions have the ideal solution for you.



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