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Educate through creative engagement

Lasso blends its training experience and video expertise to create video training that’s memorable and adaptable for use online or in a classroom. We help your trainees to remember information by developing creative material that will enhance any training session.

One thing we know at Lasso is that people stop learning after about 18 minutes if they’re not visually or aurally stimulated. One thing that helps people to stay engaged is to change the medium, it stops the tedium.

Training videos are a great tool for your training sessions, particularly when mixed with other forms of learning such as direct instruction and role play. The combination is powerful and addresses different learning styles.

Lasso works with its business clients to help them achieve the right mix.

Recently, we worked with an international company to rejuvenate their two-day induction training that was very tired and old school. Whilst they couldn’t free themselves of all of the old material, we were able to insert stimulating videos at crucial points of the training to make the sessions more interesting and to add drama.

In the past 10 years, as more courses move online, we have been producing training videos for the web. Video training is a great way to get information across to your audience. This is simply because our brains are wired to give priority to visual material, and we remember it much better than just words alone. Therefore presenting information with strong visuals and words is the best way to get your audience to understand and remember a new process or system. In fact, using sound and visuals together reinforces information in multiple parts of the brain making it much more likely to be stored in long-term memory.

Training videos are the ideal way to train on large items or complex systems, such as machinery, that can’t be brought into the training room. For example, Lasso has done a number of training videos for mining companies to train personnel on safety procedures around driving and fatigue for.

Training videos are also highly useful for demonstrating consequences. Emotions are generally kept out of business, but in training an emotive affect is useful for highlighting what can happen when procedures aren’t followed. For example, we can simulate an accident caused by fatigue or share footage of an accident that has been caused by reckless driving to drive home the safety message. Set to music and with the right wording, this is a compelling way to change people’s attitudes and behaviours, for life.

Lasso also produces animated material for training purposes. Animation is a superb training tool. It can literally show you what you can’t normally see, for example, inside the human body for human biology students or inside operating machinery for technicians. It gives your trainees insight that would not be available to them in just still pictures or through words alone.

Role play videos are also a great way to train people. This is a highly effective way to train service staff. Showing the wrong method in a humorous way will help the message stick and the positive example to be stored away.

Lasso can help you present your training in a clearer more compelling way by developing well-produced training videos. We can also train your presenters to ensure they are engaging your trainees. We look forward to helping your business with training.

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“Donna is an absolute professional when it comes to video production, script-writing, articulating ideas, and the coordination of often-times complex projects.”

Matt Clark, formerly Toucan Creative

“Exceptional and highly professional service to the resource industry, highly recommend.”

John Fox, formerly Grange Resources

Our company worked with Lasso Productions to produce the voice over for several animations. We found the team at Lasso highly professional. They were particularly outstanding in their ability to sort our jumble of ideas into a succinct script. Our client feedback has been very positive.

Melanie Hamilton, Get Trakka

Lasso Productions developed our corporate video on time and within our budget. Donna and her team were prompt, professional and understood what we wanted to create to show our clients what we are all about.

Stan Bourke, Blue Sky Window Cleaning.

Donna and her team have worked with Brookfield Multiplex (now Multiplex) on a number of their large construction projects over a number of years, from Fiona Stanley Hospital to the Perth Stadium build. They are a valuable creative partner who bring fresh ideas, a practical approach and excellent marketing know-how to every project.

“We have found Lasso to be very professional, reliable, accommodating and easy to deal with. We were very happy with the final product and would recommend Lasso to anyone thinking of creating a video.”

Lois Dear, Carers WA

“Donna & the team are so easy to work with! They’re creative, think strategically, and always deliver so much more than expected. My go-to people for video production.”

Melanie Henley, Arc Infrastructure

“Lasso Productions are a very professional team to work with and would highly recommend. Their ideas, vision and execution of our corporate video time after time were second to none. Big thanks to Donna and her team for all their hard work.”

Linda Altieri, Wolf Minerals

“Excellent personalised service resulting in creative digital collateral for the Myall Wellbeing business. Thanks Donna and team for your expertise and guidance!”

Emma Pugsley, Myall Wellbeing

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