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Turn that amazing event into a lasting memory

Lasso has been filming events for companies and local Government for many years. We help you to leverage the value of your event to sponsors, residents and customers by producing visually entertaining packages.

If you are going to the trouble of planning and staging an event, adding an event video to the marketing budget is a smart strategy, a no-brainer. And we don’t say that just because we love producing videos.

Let’s look at a local government event as a case study so you can think about how to get the biggest bang for your buck from your next event.

For a local council, a concert in the park for residents is a great way to build community spirit, give something back to local people and enhance the locality’s brand as a quality place to live. If the event goes ahead unfilmed it’s a lost opportunity to show the world that you mean what you say.

As a professional video production company we recognise the ongoing value of events that are captured on video. This is particularly true for annual or repeated events, where the previous event video can be used to attract sponsors for the next event.

In the case of the local council, the event video can be posted on their website, Facebook page and YouTube channel. A video will grab your audience’s attention more than any other medium, so when Mr and Mrs Thackeray of Cornwall are deciding where they will live when they make the move to sunny Perth, their web search could well bring up one of the City of Joondalup’s event videos, tipping the scale in this city’s favour because they seem like good people.

When sponsorship dollars are tight, your event video is crucial for demonstrating the quality and professionalism of the previous year’s concert. A video record of the event is more likely to convert Company X to become your concert sponsor. They can see the number of people in attendance and make a call on whether those people are in their target audience, look at the set-up and staging and make a calculated decision about where their sponsorship dollar is best spent. It takes the guesswork out of their decision and gives them a high level of comfort about the decision as well.

The event video is a record of your amazing event. It will build a sense of pride for those involved. This is particularly true for charity and team events where team development is a key reason behind the event. You can almost live the event twice when you capture it on video, so if you’re a company that has put a significant budget into creating and running an event for staff, filming it allows them to experience it twice.

Corporate event videos are often undertaken to share the event with employees who can’t be there. For example, when Canadian company Brookfield opened a new building in Perth’s CBD in 2015 it was a great opportunity to showcase another business success to all staff across Australia, building a sense of pride about the company’s achievements.

Lasso Productions is a specialist in filming and producing your event video. I urge you to remember that a quality video of your event will be appreciated by many for a long time to come and increases the intrinsic value of the event.

Brookfield Place Winter Lights

Event Video

Brookfield Place Tower 2 Launch

Event Video

Private: 20 Years Event

Joondalup Health Campus


“Donna is an absolute professional when it comes to video production, script-writing, articulating ideas, and the coordination of often-times complex projects.”

Matt Clark, formerly Toucan Creative

“Exceptional and highly professional service to the resource industry, highly recommend.”

John Fox, formerly Grange Resources

Our company worked with Lasso Productions to produce the voice over for several animations. We found the team at Lasso highly professional. They were particularly outstanding in their ability to sort our jumble of ideas into a succinct script. Our client feedback has been very positive.

Melanie Hamilton, Get Trakka

Lasso Productions developed our corporate video on time and within our budget. Donna and her team were prompt, professional and understood what we wanted to create to show our clients what we are all about.

Stan Bourke, Blue Sky Window Cleaning.

Donna and her team have worked with Brookfield Multiplex (now Multiplex) on a number of their large construction projects over a number of years, from Fiona Stanley Hospital to the Perth Stadium build. They are a valuable creative partner who bring fresh ideas, a practical approach and excellent marketing know-how to every project.

“We have found Lasso to be very professional, reliable, accommodating and easy to deal with. We were very happy with the final product and would recommend Lasso to anyone thinking of creating a video.”

Lois Dear, Carers WA

“Donna & the team are so easy to work with! They’re creative, think strategically, and always deliver so much more than expected. My go-to people for video production.”

Melanie Henley, Arc Infrastructure

“Lasso Productions are a very professional team to work with and would highly recommend. Their ideas, vision and execution of our corporate video time after time were second to none. Big thanks to Donna and her team for all their hard work.”

Linda Altieri, Wolf Minerals

“Excellent personalised service resulting in creative digital collateral for the Myall Wellbeing business. Thanks Donna and team for your expertise and guidance!”

Emma Pugsley, Myall Wellbeing

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