Lasso’s presentation training will make you video and stage ready


Many presentations are passionless affairs, typified by the monotone speaker, the presenter who avoids eye contact or the data nut, who wants to share every statistic on the topic. Give me the passionate presenter any day, who tells me why I should care.




Learn to deliver Persuasive Presentations

Being able to tell a clear and persuasive story is vital. Our goal is to improve the content and delivery of your presentation, making you stand out from your competition. You will learn how to develop amazing content by understanding your audience, to use stories so your presentation is memorable and most importantly, you will learn the skills that professional presenters rely on to deliver a persuasive message to any audience. Book a group session or personalised coaching.



Improve your Communication Style

Interpersonal communication skills are critical to establishing and nurturing personal and professional relationships. Our coaching enables individuals to identify then deal with their personal barriers to effective communication. Skills coaching includes understanding personal filters, building rapport, attentive and reflective listening, positive body language and how to successfully use assertion instead of aggression. You'll develop self-awareness and hone the essential skills needed to connect and communicate successfully.



Build your team's Collaboration Skills

The Collaboration Skills workshop improves your team's ability to work together creatively and effectively. It provides two processes that participants can use anytime and anywhere to work through a challenge as a team. This workshop has a strong practical component and we recommend that the group brings a simple real-world challenge to the course to work on. This course highlights the tangible benefits of moving away from 'silo mentality' to an environment of openness and trust.

Booking information

Group bookings available for half-day and full day courses on-site or off-site. There is a maximum of 5 people per group so presentation filming and review can take place in-session. Personal one-to-one training for executives, short and long term packages available.
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About your coach

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Donna Skender

Creative Director & Trainer

I have spent the past 16 years running a successful video production business, crafting stories for corporations, SMEs and individuals who believe a video will tell their story better than they can. Unfortunately, in many cases they were right. My goal for the past eight years has been to work with many of those individuals to empower them to tell their own stories. Communications and collaboration skills training is a natural next step for those who wish to improve their overall presentation and interpersonal communication skills. My number one piece of advice: 'always start and finish with your audience in mind'. They will thank you.


“Donna and her team offer the right balance of quality work, prompt attention and great value – a rarely achievable combination. Lasso are also a delight to work with and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Donna’s personal expertise in the field of presentation training is an additional asset that in today’s highly competitve marketplace can be the difference between success and failure.”

Giles Tovey – Director, CreativeADM

“I highly recommend Donna Skender and Lasso Productions for presentation skills training and corporate DVD production. We have chosen to recommend the Lasso team many times to our clients due to the excellent service delivered and attention to detail. Donna is accustomed to assisting our clients with high level presentations and ensuring their delivery is smooth and appears to be effortless. She is an excellent communicator and skilled in partnering with our team to ensure our clients receive exactly what they need when they need it.”

Donna Watson, LastSay Communications

“Donna did a great job in giving me the confidence to present on a renewable energy project I am coordinating. The presentation was always going to be tough. Donna gave me excellent advice on how to deliver the message in a clear concise manner that kept the 15 minute presentation succinct, interesting and focused. Donna’s advice on how to deliver my message to the members of WAFIC was critical to my election success. Congratulations Donna you are a great communications advisor that has assisted me and will continue to assist me to get my message across.”

Kim Colero, WAFIC Chairman

“She’s an excellent sounding board and provides honest practical feedback for my presentations. Donna works well with me to identify the core messages for each presentation and often provides the catalyst for simplifying a presentation. Her skill as a coach has also been instrumental in improving my presentation performance. I would recommend Donna to anyone who needs quality professional advice, honest feedback and presentation tips to help ensure their next presentation is a real success.”

Russell Clark, CEO, Wolf Minerals

“I have worked with Donna a number of times to prepare for important presentations and have found her ideas and guidance to be a valuable resource. As a communications coach, Donna provides honest feedback, good advice and she’s easy to work with.”

Paul Benson, CEO, Troy Resources

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