The Smith Family


The Smith Family is an Australian, independent not-for-profit children’s charity whose goal is to create opportunities for disadvantaged children and their families. The organisation provides a range of programs designed to encourage a stronger connection with society, using education as a key tool. Lasso has supported The Smith Family through donations and student mentoring (iTrack program), and recently we found a way to do more.


The Challenge

Providing consistent training is a challenge for many organisations. The Smith Family is no different. They rely on volunteers and casual employees to help deliver programs, such as Learning Club, to communities across Australia. This out-of-school program for students helps to develop their academic skills. It’s imperative that Learning Club tutors are comfortable and confident so Lasso worked with The Smith Family to produce video training for Learning Club tutors.


The Process

Lasso worked with The Smith Family to script and produce four videos to work within The Smith Family’s training program. Filming the videos was a fun challenge. We needed around 15 children to participate in each shoot day so we decided to make it a fun day out for them. We planned a bunch of activities with prizes and a big lunch to share and between the fun we managed to get all the shots we needed.


The Result

The Smith Family is building a portfolio of video assets to use in their Learning Club tutor training.