Quadrant Energy


In 2016 Quadrant Energy was formed as a new participant in the Australian oil and gas sector. Despite the company’s experience and an established portfolio of producing assets, Quadrant Energy was a new name in the oil and gas sector. Lasso was tasked with producing a video to introduce the company and their producing assets, experience and integrity.


The Challenge

The challenge was to complete the job before the cyclone season, do it safely and capture spectacular footage of the company’s land, sea and island-based assets, giving the viewer a sense of operational scale. Working offshore in the oil and gas sector brings with it a raft of safety and logistics challenges. To mobilise crew and gear to remote locations, our planning had to be second-to-none.


The Process

Working closely with the company we delivered a strong, flexible script to work from when our small crew headed to the north of Western Australia to Quadrant’s remote plants. Much of gear went ahead of us (all part of our detailed pre-planning) to lighten the load for choppers. A three-person crew of producer/director, camera operator and drone pilot captured Quadrant Energy’s assets from the air and ground over two shoots, whilst complying with the strict safety restrictions inherent in the oil and gas sector.


The Result

A visually impressive video that is used on Quadrant Energy’s website. It was also used to introduce the company to the oil and gas industry at the 2017 Australasian Oil and Gas Conference.