Life at Fiona Stanley Hospital


In 2011 before Fiona Stanley Hospital was built in Perth, Western Australia, the State Government and private contractor Serco wanted to show the public what the hospital would be like. Animation was the best way to do this and give the public a sneak look inside this state-of-the-art hospital.


The Challenge

Whilst much of the design for the hospital was completed many of the interior design elements were still in flux. Our animators worked with the architects to render as accurate a picture as possible of the new hospital.


The Process

Creating animations of a working hospital that doesn’t yet exist is an intricate task. Our animators worked with the consortium team to understand the layouts, furniture, equipment and interior design. Everything from beds, side tables, chairs and staff uniforms needed to be modelled in the animation software and brought to life on screen.


The Result

A stunning, informative video animation that gave the Western Australian public their first glimpse of what Fiona Stanley Hospital would be like.


Donna and her team have worked with Brookfield Multiplex (now Multiplex) on a number of their large construction projects over a number of years, from Fiona Stanley Hospital to the Perth Stadium build. They are a valuable creative partner who bring fresh ideas, a practical approach and excellent marketing know-how to every project.

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