Fiona Stanley Hospital VIP Event


When Brookfield Multiplex completed the construction of the $2 billion Fiona Stanley Hospital project it was something to celebrate. The on-site event needed to be complemented by a video that showed the hospital from a point of view impossible to see from the ground.


The Challenge

One of the big challenges was to ensure the video was in tune with the celebratory tone of the event. Not too much information about this huge project, just enough to get people excited.


The Process

In this case, Lasso had been filming at the Fiona Stanley Hospital project for more than two years, having enough footage was not an issue, more so what footage to use. We settled on big, epic shots that showed the breadth of the hospital campus that was difficult to understand from the ground.


The Result

This impactful video cut to the music’s strong beat really helped celebrate this significant milestone for the company and the State.