Carers Representation Video


Carers WA is a community based organisation and registered charity dedicated to improving the lives of the estimated 320,000 family carers living in Western Australia. As a not-for-profit organisation they need all the help they can get to strengthen their services to the community.


The Challenge

Carers WA needed a video to encourage carers to become Carer Representatives and to explain the role. These volunteer carers provide a voice for all carers. So together we brainstormed a way to make the video in a professional, time and cost effective way.


The Process

With a two-person crew we produced an interview-driven video that discusses the ins and outs of being a Carer Representative, as told by Carer Representatives. Because the script would be driven by interviews of current Carer Representatives, we asked Carers WA for the key messages they would like to see in the video. Then we framed our questions to interviewees to ensure that we could capture the information we needed. Because Carers WA wanted to be involved in the process, we uploaded the interviews to a site where our client could easily view them and help us to make edit choices about the elements that should be in the video.


The Result

Carers WA now has a video that is used in training to encourage other carers to become Carer Representatives.


“We have found Lasso to be very professional, reliable, accommodating and easy to deal with. We were very happy with the final product and would recommend Lasso to anyone thinking of creating a video.”

Lois Dear, Carers WA

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