Arc Infrastructure


Until July 2017 Arc Infrastructure was known as Brookfield Rail, the operator of Western Australia’s rail freight network. A name change isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s a complete overhaul. In order to become Arc Infrastructure, Brookfield Rail had to revise their entire branding and marketing strategy… and they had to do it seamlessly. With Lasso’s help, video played a major part.


The Challenge

Working with Brookfield Rail before their new Arc Infrastructure name and logo was introduced to the market to produce an Arc Infrastructure-branded video meant we had to shoot with the new brand in-situ before it had been launched and rolled out across the business. Lasso worked with Brookfield Rail and their creative agency to successfully incorporate the ethos of the new brand into the video.


The Process

We scripted a two-minute video that would introduce Arc Infrastructure as a fresh and modern organisation while maintaining the integrity earned through its Brookfield Rail roots. Our approach was to carry over the tone of the videos we had previously produced for Brookfield Rail while incorporating the ethos of their new brand. For this reason we used employees’ voices as the narration to humanise the brand and company. Our two-day shoot with a crew of three, producer/director, drone pilot/sound recordist and camera operator, captured everything we needed for this short video.


The Result

Arc Infrastructure’s new video was used to launch their brand in July 2017.


“Donna & the team are so easy to work with! They’re creative, think strategically, and always deliver so much more than expected. My go-to people for video production.”

Melanie Henley, Arc Infrastructure

Arc Infrastructure-logo