By Donna Skender | | Apr 06, 2017


Nail it in Pre-Production

Making a film for your business can sometimes feel overwhelming as no matter the size of your budget the possibilities can seem endless. There are so many things to consider; script, key messages, style, medium, audience, locations, deadlines, stakeholders, approvals, length, versions, branding… the list goes on. It’s a common misconception that video production companies are just the crew behind the camera and the person in the edit suite; a good video production company is a lot more than that. A good video production company nails it in Pre-Production.

Once you have engaged a video production company tell them every thought you have about your video; why you need one, who it’s for, what you want it to look like, what has to be in it, what doesn’t have to be in it, etc. Once you have poured this information in to the production company they will start phase one of the project; Pre-Production. This is where you will be guided through the scripting and storyboarding process; where together you create the vision for your video. It’s at this point that we have noticed a common obstacle; staying in the comfort zone. Rather than work towards a unique and original video, clients often stray towards concepts they have seen before – sticking with what’s safe. As easy as this is to produce it doesn’t result in the most rewarding return on your investment. Allow your video production company to offer creative direction; it’s their job and their passion to produce a stand out video unique and fitting to your business.

Another obstacle that juts out at this end of production is trusting what to keep in and leave out. Video is a communication tool; the easier it is to understand the more effective it will be. Cutting out jargon and extra information that doesn’t serve the key purpose of your video will result in more engaged viewers. Don’t forget that you are working with a visual medium – a picture speaks a thousand words so let the screen tell the story using voice over and/or titles to compliment the visual message.

In this digital world where we don’t have to worry about wasting film scripting and storyboarding is often overlooked. A common practice these days is to shoot everything and put it together in post – a guerrilla technique best used for documentaries and event coverage rather than corporate videos. It is possible to get good results from this technique but it’s often a long and challenging process as the video production company and client sometimes don’t share the same vision for the project. Spending time in Pre-Production, on scripting and storyboarding, streamlines Production and Post Production and ensures that the whole team is working together towards the best possible outcome for the business.

So when you’re collaborating with a video production company on your next video remember that they are there to guide your project towards the best, most fitting and original outcome. Get out of your comfort zone, be concise with your information and know what you need to capture before capturing it. In other words; nail it in Pre-Production.


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