By Beth Cole | | Jan 08, 2020


How to create a kick-ass About Us video

Why create an ‘About Us’ video?
We know that in order for your business to stand out, you not only need video production, but carefully planned video content, catered to your business. Instead of an About us page why not make it an About Us video? It will be one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers or investors about who you are and what you do.

Why it’s worth the investment.
An ‘About Us’ video production is marketable and shareable. In this busy modern age people would rather watch a 2 minute video than read the same information for 15 minutes. Video makes information easier to digest and retain. What’s more, Youtube is the second largest search engine behind Google¹. Posting your video on YouTube as well as your website, increases your visibility and chances of being found in searches.

Being human, we connect with faces, so including the people and voices within your organisation is a great way of personalising your business and increasing recognition across platforms. Using people in your video production is particularly effective if you have a service-based business, so customers can see who’s providing their service.

Putting the time and money into an About Us video production demonstrates that your business is worth investing in. It builds a sense of trust by showcasing your values and offering a behind the scenes look into how your business operates. Trust leads to sales.

What is the process?
It’s crucial to put time into planning and execution. Just as a good video production will show investors you’re worth investing in, or helping customers with purchase decisions, a sloppy or badly executed video production can achieve the opposite.

1. Brainstorm – During the planning phase of your overview video production ask yourself – How do you want to be perceived or remembered by your customers? What is your story? What do I offer customers/investors? This should be the main focus of your video production.
2. Identify your target audience
3. Write a script or develop a story aimed at this audience
4. Shoot your footage or create your animation (or both!)
5. Combine your video production with music, voiceover and (very important) your branding
6. Distribute it on your website, YouTube and social media platforms

Once you’ve released your video production to the world, it’s a good idea to track its success. One way you can do this is with Google Analytics. This will help you determine if your video production is targeting your desired audience and whether it has increased traffic, sales and interest in your business.
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Once you have your ‘About Us’ video, consider how video production can help boost other areas of your business. Innovations, milestones, events, an induction video for employees or product information are just some ways video production can keep your customers engaged with your business.

If you’re creating a company video, no matter what stage it’s at, we’d love to hear about it!

Check out the about us video we created for Quadrant.

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