By Donna Skender | | Aug 02, 2018


How to boost brand engagement with video

Content is the lifeblood of marketing activities. The more frequent and compelling content you are putting out there, the more customers will engage with your brand. The main focus for your business should be the customer experience aka CX. It is vital to consider how people view and engage with your brand in order to be successful.

Here’s how video content can yield more for your business.

Your first video usually defines your brand identity. It should clearly outline what your business does and your target audience. Once you have made your first video, try to consider this the first of many. Get into the habit of fore planning your videos and make deadlines to produce them.

Video topics could include:

– Content focused on the trending interests of your audience.

– An award or milestone your business has achieved.

– Improvements and innovations to your product or service.

Social media has made it easier than ever to promote your content. By frequently posting videos you  reinforce your brand and subconsciously build a sense of ‘reliability’ and ‘establishment’ within your target audience. Keep your videos concise and interesting. By tailoring the content to your audience, you enhance the CX.

An example of a brand that does this well is Reebok. Their campaign video ‘25,915 days in the life of the average human’ conveyed the importance of honoring one’s body and living our best life as our days are numbered. By eliciting an emotional response, they embedded their brand on a deeper level.

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