By Donna Skender | | May 18, 2016


How much does a corporate video cost?

‘How much does a corporate video cost?’ is high on the list of frequently asked questions at Lasso Productions. The answer has multiple parts. First off, let me define what a corporate video is. In simple terms, it’s a video about your business that should enhance your brand and reputation, and provide a simple way for your audience to understand what products and services you sell. A well-produced video will quickly become your ‘go to’ marketing tool, appearing on your website and being used in various presentations.

​But back to the most frequently asked question in video production, ‘what will a corporate video cost my company?’ It depends on a number of elements because every video production is different. After 17 years of producing videos for businesses I have never made the same video twice.

Producing a corporate video has three main stages. The first stage is pre-production. We sit down with our client and discuss what they’d like to achieve from a marketing AND business perspective. This allows us to develop the key messages for the video which will work their way into the video’s script and visuals. Throughout this process we’re also thinking about how we creatively engage and entertain your target audience. Pre-production is based on our time and creative input. A longer video doesn’t necessarily equate to a higher price. For example, the creative thinking that goes into a 30 second pet food commercial would often outweigh the creative thinking undertaken for a four minute video about a mining company.

The second stage of producing your corporate video is the production phase. This is where we bring the crew and gear together for filming. The price is going to depend on a variety of factors including number of days filming, composition of the crew, quality of camera and associated equipment(for example you may need a crane or drone shot to see over the top of a house if you’re selling roof tiles), and locations, is it local, interstate or international? Do we need to book a studio, does it need to be sound-proof?

Finally, stage three is post-production. This is where all your media comes together in the edit suite. Pricing is based on the amount of days spent working in this phase (this often goes back to the length of the video and its complexity). Some videos will have complex 3D animations while others will be a simple cutting together of the media, along with music and perhaps a voice-over. Therefore pricing is based on these factors.

So what will a corporate video cost your business? It won’t take a professional video production company too long to work it out. They will need to ask the right questions. This first interaction will give you a good indication of the service and attention to detail you are likely to receive along the production journey.


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