By Donna Skender | | Jun 23, 2016


Do you have a milestone coming up?

Recently Lasso had the opportunity to work with Joondalup Health Campus (JHC) as they celebrated 20 years as a privately owned hospital. To mark the milestone they organised a Gala dinner for staff and stakeholders and decided that a video celebrating how far they have come would complement the occasion perfectly.

Lasso was engaged to go behind the scenes of the hospital and capture the stories of staff who have been on the 20 year journey. They had unique and engaging stories to tell. With the addition of current ‘at work’ footage, aerial footage of the campus and historical images of the hospital we created a 5 minute video that showcases the heart and hard work that makes JHC what it is today and the huge achievement of their 20 year milestone.

After JHC’s Gala dinner our client emailed us to say: “We have had amazing feedback and were extremely happy with your work.” The night was a success and the video was the perfect addition to the event as well as providing a memento of the occasion.

If you have a milestone coming up consider celebrating it with a video that not only adds something creative and unique to the occasion but also doubles as a record of how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved.


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