By Donna Skender | | Oct 18, 2016


Crowdfunding 101

Crowdfunding is awesome. It is such a wonderful way of bringing the community together while at the same time gauging interest on a project, product or service often before it is even a reality. As a crowdfunder it’s a fun challenge to get as many people as you can to support your project. And as a supporter it’s a warm sense of service when you donate any amount of money to a campaign that captures your heart. The amount of wild and creative inventions and productions that have come in to existence because of crowdfunding is incredible and helps to shift the world in to an innovative and thoughtful one.

In the beginning it was pretty easy to convince your friends and family to throw a couple of dollars at your campaign, most crowdfunders reached their targets without having to try too hard. As word of this easy fundraising initiative spread more and more people signed up with Kickstarter, Pozzible, GoFundMe or Indigogo (to name a few) and started to sell their ideas to the community. Then a little less crowdfunders reached their targets. Our friends and family began to grow tired of continuously being asked to donate money to yet another campaign. Today crowdfunding is a serious business.

It’s competitive. With thousands of crowdfunding campaigns available to support at any one minute it’s important to make yours stand out, make it count. The best way to do this? You guessed it! A video! A short video, approximately two minutes, to introduce your project and why it needs crowd funding is the fastest and most effective way to communicate your campaign with your online community and beyond. Not only does it help to convey your mission it also shows commitment to your cause – you have invested in a video after all!

Are you thinking of creating a crowdfunding campaign? If so, get in touch with the team at Lasso Productions. As a part of our video service we support your marketing needs, ensuring that your script is strong and your message is powerful whilst keeping it in your style. The above AmiToe video was presented to us as raw footage, shot elsewhere, with the client needing help to piece it together in to a campaign video. We collaborated creatively with the client to pull together a strong crowdfunding video that hits all the key messages while staying true to the client’s style.


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