Crowdfunding 101

Crowdfunding is awesome. It is such a wonderful way of bringing the community together while at the same time gauging interest on a project, product or service often before it is even a reality. As a crowdfunder it’s a fun challenge to get…... read more

By Donna Skender | Oct 18, 2016

Show Your Passion

Many presentations are passionless affairs, typified by the monotone speaker, the presenter who avoids eye contact or the data nut, who wants to share every statistic on the topic. Give me the passionate presenter any day, who tells me why I should care.…... read more

By Donna Skender | Sep 14, 2016

Do you have a milestone coming up?

Recently Lasso had the opportunity to work with Joondalup Health Campus (JHC) as they celebrated 20 years as a privately owned hospital. To mark the milestone they organised a Gala dinner for staff and stakeholders and decided that a video celebrating how far…... read more

By Donna Skender | Jun 23, 2016

Why Stories Work

Your video will work much harder for your business or product if you take the time in pre-production to develop a story. It’s harder to do, but if you make the shift from ‘selling’ to ‘storytelling’ your video will more likely be shared,…... read more

By Donna Skender | May 20, 2016