How to boost brand engagement with video

Content is the lifeblood of marketing activities. The more frequent and compelling content you are putting out there, the more customers will engage with your brand. The main focus for your business should be the customer experience aka CX. It is vital to…... read more

By Donna Skender | Aug 02, 2018

Video Packages for Social Media

Lasso has been producing high-end videos for many years now, but recently we put on our thinking caps to work out the best way to deliver our clients quality social media videos at a reasonable price. Social media videos need to be produced…... read more

By Donna Skender | Jun 11, 2018

How is video more effective than other forms of marketing?

Video is versatile and functions across all platforms. Video is more engaging and captivating. People today have shorter attention spans, read less, and ignore conventional forms of advertising like billboards, print, and classic TV ads. A great video will get attention, keep attention... read more

By Donna Skender | Sep 26, 2017

Nail it in Pre-Production

Making a film for your business can sometimes feel overwhelming as no matter the size of your budget the possibilities can seem endless. There are so many things to consider; script, key messages, style, medium, audience, locations, deadlines, stakeholders, approvals, length, versions, branding...…... read more

By Donna Skender | Apr 06, 2017