5 Reasons your next video should be Animation

Viewing link: Why should I care about animation? When someone talks about Animation, what do you imagine? It will be different for every person, and a lot of people will think of kid’s cartoons, they’re not wrong, but they might be overlooking…... read more

By Mason Skender | Jul 10, 2019

6 Powerful Reasons You Need Video In Your Marketing Plan

Viewing link: 6 Powerful Reasons You Need Video In Your Marketing Plan Video is a powerful tool, you’ve probably heard that many times. But do you really understand why your business would benefit from regularly producing videos to talk to your customers…... read more

By Donna Skender | Jun 26, 2019

The Business of Creativity – How creativity can boost your results What does creativity have to do with business? Adobe and Forrester Consulting released a study that shows 82% of companies strongly agreed that creative thinking gains business results. Fostering creativity in businesses makes employees and leaders more comfortable with ambiguity and change,…... read more

By Mason Skender | Apr 01, 2019

3 easy steps to boost your business online

Want more clicks through Google? Read on for three easy steps to help boost your business listing. If you have a business and you don’t have a listing through Google My Business, chances are you’re not getting as much exposure as those that…... read more

By Beth Cole | Mar 26, 2019