By Mason Skender | | Jul 10, 2019


5 Reasons your next video should be Animation

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Why should I care about animation?

When someone talks about Animation, what do you imagine? It will be different for every person, and a lot of people will think of kid’s cartoons, they’re not wrong, but they might be overlooking a powerful business tool. Let me show you why animation can benefit your business.

Animation is as creative as you are (or the team around you), it can be a stick figure or a vast galaxy. The dynamic nature of being able to visualise material to your imaginations content, in itself is a great business tool for explaining the unseen, or reinforcing the benefits of a product or service.

Animation has become particularly popular amongst technology based companies for this exact reason. Take this example from one of our clients, DTI group. The animation makes sense of the services they provide. Had we tried to produce this as a live action…well just considering the logistics alone is starting to fry my brain.

Who said animation couldn’t be entertaining for all ages? Yes, animation is the perfect way to reach a young audience, but in the hands of the right creative it can be just as entertaining for any adult. Aligning storytelling and animation with the right tone can entertain an audience and provide a deeper commentary of the companies values and beliefs, which can ultimately strengthen a viewer’s connection with your business!

Take this animation we did for Arc Infrastructure. They wanted to tell the stories of people that demonstrated the impact their business has the community. So it achieves exactly what I’m talking about, it’s entertaining but also shows & reinforces the values & beliefs of the company. In the case of this project, each person was happy to share their story but didn’t want to be on camera – the perfect opportunity for animation! As it will often be the case that customers or employees are against being filmed, but happy to share their voice.

What should I do with this info?

Here are 5 reasons to consider animation

  1. Animation holds viewer engagement
  2. Animation simplifies complex concepts
  3. Animation suits anything – with the right tone & messaging, anything goes
  4. Animation is fun, visual & creative – this can reinforce your selling points
  5. Animation can be scaled to fit your budget

Okay, have I piqued your interest? what’s next? how do we proceed?

Like any video project, you need to solidify your concept and brief. You can do this yourself or get the help of a production company. Until you have your concept & brief you won’t be able to find out how much you need to budget. Production companies & studios won’t be able to indicate budget until you have that together. Until then, happy brainstorming!


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