By Beth Cole | | Jul 29, 2019


4 tips to improve your smartphone photos

As Samsung, Apple and Huawei tussle in the tech-ring to be top-dog, consumers are given even more reason to keep phones within a few inches at all times. With each new upgrade, smartphones are becoming increasingly user-friendly, especially in their ability to capture photos and video. Even non-experienced photographers can pick up a smartphone, open the camera app, point and shoot.

Since smartphones are the most common tool in capturing photos these days, here are four handy tips and smartphone applications that can boost your insta-fame, even if you’re a photography newb.

TIP ONE: Nail your exposure! Smartphones usually do a pretty good job at judging this for you to get the most evenly exposed shot. If you want to generate more likes or popularity for your photos it’s good to note that natural light is typically more appealing to the human eye and brighter images have been proven on average to generate more likes on Instagram. Dark images are often not as well-received as it’s harder to analyse detail in a short space of time. You can tone down highlights and brighten shadows, but try and get the photo as close to great in your smartphone camera first.

TIP TWO: Experiment with placing items in front of the lens. It’s amazing how much a photo can be made more appealing by placing a CD or leaf on the edge of the frame. Check out @brandonwoelfel for inspiration, he has mastered this technique.

TIP THREE: Really take a moment to think about your composition. It takes 5-10 extra seconds of thinking about the angle you’re taking the photo from to make an average photo awesome. It could be a case of just making sure nobody’s head is cropped off the top or making sure your horizon isn’t wonky! Most smartphones have an ‘assistive grid’ to help you nail the rule of thirds.

TIP FOUR: Check out these three incredible apps that will take your photo game to the next level! Snapseed can help you finetune the details such as exposure, colour temperature, sharpness etc. For cool effects like realistic smoke or light flares, I highly recommend you try out Lens Distortions. I really like Adobe’s Lightroom to edit photos in fine detail. This is a subscription-based app but they usually have a free 30-day trial to check it out.

Challenge yourself to take a photo every day this week and apply at least one of these techniques to each photo. If you’re really happy with how any of your photos turn out, post it to Instagram and use the hashtag #lassosocialtips


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